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Podioum launch at Ekta Tripolis to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle

The fast modern lifestyle of people living in a metropolis like Mumbai often keeps them devoid of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Doesn’t matter how much of a fitness conscious person you are, the run between home and work consumes all the energy and ability to indulge in anything constructive after you are back home. No one has time and patience to leave from home and walk to a fitness centre or a gym nearby.

Ekta World understands this problem and hence ensures that all the properties are equipped with fitness centres, parks and green zones where one can find some personal time to continue with their fitness routine. Keeping the pledge ensure that the residents are fit and healthy, Ekta World has continued their efforts at one of the flagship properties, Ekta Tripolis in Goregaon. On 3rd April, they organized a Podium launch event which was a celebration of a better lifestyle among the residents.

2019 marks 32 years of Ekta World’s presence in real estate market of Mumbai. Their experience over the years has provided them with great insights on ways to equip their properties with world class facilities that will prove useful to the residents.

The event also saw participation from Ekta World channel partners who have been a part of the family for a long time. In the words of their associates, Ekta World is known for their professionalism, quality, reliability and experience. They are very good with all their channel partners and no wonder they have stayed with them for such a long time. Many guests expressed their happiness over being a part of this team.

Podium launch event also had a number of activities for the entertainment of the guests. Visitors enjoyed hammer strike and arm wrestling. Active Arena also saw free medical check-up by the experts.

Maddy and team performed at the event and won everybody’s heart. They played their own version of Bollywood classics and received great applause from the guests.

For 32 years, Ekta World is spreading happiness and prosperity among their clients. Their world class properties and projects are present in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.