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Developers Gearing up for Green Building Concept

The economic activity that is growing at a fast pace across the globe today is severely affecting the natural and environmental resources. It is no one else, but we humans that are causing irreparable destruction to the environment, thereby affecting our own quality of life. The construction industry is a major contributor to global warming because of the emissions of gases from the energy use in buildings. It is therefore important for the industry to come up with sustainable building technologies and green buildings. Green building is emerging as a new and innovative concept for constructing residential homes that are energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Such buildings make use of less energy, water and natural resources than a conventional building. Besides, they create less waste, thus providing a healthier atmosphere for residents compared to a conventional building. Several sustainable features such as efficient use of water, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly environment, use of renewable energy and recyclable materials, effective use of landscapes, effective building management systems and improved indoor air quality for health and comfort are incorporated in green buildings.In recent times, the real estate industry has felt the pressing need for green buildings. Ekta Tripolis by Ekta World has been designed in accordance with the green building concept. The green building design of Ekta Tripolis offers an innovative urban habitat that is both luxurious and eco-friendly. Some of the internal and external eco-friendly amenities that Ekta Tripolis comes with are:-

• Landscaped gardens
• Large water bodies
• Dense perimeter landscape
• Sewage treatment
• Rain water harvesting
• Vermiculture pit

• Control lighting, fans, music, ACs, curtains as well as other gadgets and appliances in the entire home using an integrated digital panel
• Water purifier
• Emulsion painting in the entire apartment