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6 tips for investing in luxury homes

While there is no fixed definition of a luxury home, most home buyers will agree that they know one when they see it. A luxury home could be a sprawling bungalow or a cozy apartment in a high-rise, but they all have one thing in common. Unparalleled comfort is the hallmark of any luxury home. If you think it's time to invest in a luxury home, here are some tips to assist you:

1.  When buying luxury real estate make sure that you have all the information needed. Take your time and make your own decisions.
2.  Ask specific questions. Find out about connectivity, amenities, infrastructure and value appreciation. The developer has all the information you need, you just have to ask the right questions.
3.  Due diligence is a noble attribute when buying a luxury home. Research the developer and visit the property.
4.  Before you start your luxury real estate search it is a good idea to research the loan process. Find out how long it takes to secure a loan and the loan schemes that are available for you.
5.  Here are some amenities to consider when buying a luxury home; pools & spas, fountains & ponds, automated interiors, landscape, lighting, central cooling, parking features.
6.  If you are a NRI it is a good idea to look in to government regulations and currency exchange to make an informed decision.